Abuse Report

You may please submit the abuse report form or you can contact us directly via the email abuse@racksandcloud.com

Report Us Abuse

We do not support abuse

Please submit issues regarding the abuse of our services here including the illegal activity, the exploitation of children, spam, malware, phishing, Copyright/Trademark Infringement, Inappropriate Content and etc. As per our policy, we do not allowed our customers to use our services for these types of abuse activities. We review all complaints submitted here and take appropriate action against it. As part of our investigation regarding this, customers co-operation is necessary for us and we appreciate your co-operation to make our services is abuse free.

What’s include in the Abuse Report

Please include all the information regarding the abuse issue in your email. for example. if you are sending a abuse report regarding the spamming, please include the spam mail header and body in the abuse reports. It will help us to investigate the issue and take the appropriate action against it as soon as possible.

How Our Abuse Department Works

Our abuse department works only on weekdays and though the ticket system. Abuse team will reply you within 48 hours once you send an abuse report to us and abuse department will inform our clients to remove the abuse contents or malware from the client's service and will suspend their service if they do not take action within 48 hours. Also, we will suspend or terminate the service if the abuse report is highly serious.

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